Display Options

Using the various options on this page you can customise a number of features of the Lyndenlea websites. The primary purpose of providing these options is to make the websites more accessible to those with particular needs, but they should also benefit those who simply don't like the way I've designed the sites. Note that your Web browser will need to be configured to accept cookies for your choices to have any effect - if you're not sure, give it a try and see what happens! Any changes you make here will automatically be applied on all of the Lyndenlea websites.

Your currently selected choices are reflected in the options below. (If you've never used this page before, the default choices are shown.) To restore all options to their defaults and delete the cookie stored on your computer, simply select the first choice in each case and click on the Save Preferences button.

For more information about these options, please see About The Websites.

Dynamic Site Menu

The Dynamic Site Menu is normally found to the left of the main content on each page. However, its presence reduces the available width of that content, which can be a particular problem on smaller displays. By "hiding" the Dynamic Site Menu, you can regain that extra width.


Text Justification

Some people find it difficult to read text that is justified to both the left and right margins due to the uneven spacing between words. Others may simply prefer a ragged right-hand edge. Whatever the reason, using this option you can control how the text in the main content area of each page is justified.

  (to both left and right margins)

Line Spacing

This option affects the space between lines of text, and between paragraphs and other structures such as tables. Changes here will apply to both the main content of the page and the Dynamic Site Menu.

  (half-height blank line between each line of text)
  (full-height blank line between each line of text)

Storing your preferences

The choices you make on this page are stored in a cookie, a small text file on your computer. By default, that cookie is a session cookie which will only last until you close your Web browser. However, if you would like it to remain on your computer permanently (as a persistent cookie), simply check this box. Please see the Privacy Statement for more information on the use of cookies on the Lyndenlea websites.